You’re on Substack. So What?

That’s the question in the back of everyone’s head. So that’s what I’m going to answer for you.

I’m in the process of moving here, and it’s about like steering an aircraft carrier. The theme(s)? My little daughter Cecelia and the insanity surrounding me and her, and how to save a buck. Seriously. I know how to stretch some money being an MBA and being all alone, so I have curated some very good tips. Some are “Hacks” but I prefer to think of them as “Best Practices.” So entertainment, laughter, tears, and saving good money are the least of what you can expect here.

I’ve kept a series of WordPress blogs for over a decade. And I’m moving everything here. (I still have until May 2023, which was a fork of the now long-dead So you are in the most up-to-date, current place there is! How trendy!

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This is the caliphate for 1) A series of lessons on how to live a fulfilling life for my daughter which spares her the dear costs I paid and 2) My crazy-insane life, which took me 50 years to realize just how nuts it is. 3) How to cut costs and keep more.


Proud daddy of a little girl, a marketer with an MBA & a prolific writer with an English degree who's cynical. Also a guitarist, cook, woodworker, 3D printing nerd and a lot more.